He Walked Out Of The Hospital Where He Entered On Crutches

Mehmet Serhan Albayrak, 64, living in İstanbul, was walking in pain, doubled-up on his crutches, due to the wear on his hip joint and cartilage. Albayrak, who suffered severe pain, recuperated after hip replacement surgery.

Around 100.000 Prosthetic Surgeries Are Performed Annually In Turkey

Prof. Dr Faik Altıntaş, Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist, said “around 100.000 hip and knee replacement surgeries are performed annually in Turkey. And, around 40,000 hip replacement surgery is performed in a year.”

 “I Came on the Crutches with Doubled-Up Position, Walked Out on Foot”

Severe pains of Mehmet Serhan Albayrak started precisely two years ago. Mehmet Serhan Albayrak, who told that he had difficulties in sitting, getting up and walking, stated his experiences with the following words: “I could not walk for a long time. I had pain after walking. When I was sitting, getting up and walking, I felt pain, like a knife stabbing. My quality of life was reduced. This situation also caused pain in other parts of my body. My doctor approved prosthesis surgery for me. I entered the hospital on crutches in a doubled-up position. My advice to patients is to consult a doctor immediately in such a situation. They should not be afraid of hip replacement. Right now, I feel very well. From now on, I will have life comfort. I could not do many activities before surgery. Now I can walk, thanks to the prosthesis, very comfortably."

Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist, Prof. Dr Faik Altıntaş, who performed the operation of Mehmet Serhan Albayrak said, "Mr Mehmet is our 11.111th orthopaedic patient. When he first arrived, he could only walk a short distance with two crutches. The pain in his hip was severe, and his movements were limited. We found that the hip joint and cartilage were utterly worn, and we decided on the hip replacement. ”

Prof. Dr Faik Altıntaş, underlining that hip replacement was chosen as the most successful surgery of the century for the patients, said, “the preferred treatment in such a situation is a hip replacement that is the prosthesis. Titanium prosthesis is applied in place of worn cartilage. The patient recovered from his pain at the moment of movement and can make the movement he wants. These surgeries are being implemented successfully anywhere in Turkey today.”

"Sometimes Cartilage Wears Also in Young People"

Prof. Dr Faik Altıntaş listed the measures to be taken to protect the hip and articular muscles as follows: "First of all, weight control is essential. In addition to this, regular exercise is needed. It is vital that muscle is always strong; we should not forget that this disease is somewhat of a genetic origin. The strength of cartilage is genetically determined. It is a natural process such as cartilage abrasion and hair greying in some people at young ages or in some people at old ages. Considering this, we can do walking and muscle stretching exercises to strengthen the muscles. No matter what sport, our aim should be to move the muscles. Walking should be preferred more. ”


20 February 2023

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