Breast Lift

The characteristics of an attractive breast are related to its size, position on the breast wall, volume, and shape. In addition, the position of the nipple on the breast, the width of the nipple circumference, and the sagging of the breasts are also very important.

The breast has two different supports. One of them is the internal ligaments (Cooper's ligaments) and the other is the breast skin. When there is a problem in either of these, sagging of the breast is observed.

As the breast tissue grows, the strength of the internal ligaments holding the breast becomes insufficient and the breast begins to descend. The lower part of the breast is displaced further below the lower line of the breast.

Skin elasticity determines the quality of the skin. The decrease in elasticity with advancing age can cause breast sagging.
The main purpose of mastopexy surgery is to reverse breast sagging and to obtain a younger-looking breast. With the operation, a new breast is created in which all elements related to youth such as shape, symmetry, vitality, fullness, volume, and the correct position of the nipple are combined. During this procedure, the inner structure of the breast is reshaped, and a rounded form is given, the excess skin parts are removed and the nipple is brought to the ideal position.

Mastopexy - Augmentation 

During breast lift, while the internal structure of the breast is reshaped, some women may need the removal of some of the breast tissue. In some cases, the existing volume of the breast may be insufficient to give a rounded form to the inner tissue of the breast.
In such cases, it may be necessary to use a prosthesis (silicone) to provide volume to the breast. In this way, performing both breast lift and prosthesis application at the same time is called Mastopexy -Augmentation.

Significant pain is not observed frequently in breast lift surgery and it is expected that the pain will disappear with simple painkillers. After this surgery, the patient is discharged after one night of hospitalization.


21 February 2023