The Most Preferred Aesthetic Surgeries

There is quite little time left until summer. Although we are under restrictions due to the pandemic, we continue to dream of sea, sand, and sun. It is necessary to make some preparations before the shorts and swimsuits are placed in the front row of the closet.
Although the interest in aesthetic surgery is high in all seasons, it would not be wrong to say that it increases a little more towards the summer months. Stating that liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, breast enlargement, breast reduction, and breast lift are the most popular procedures in the spring, Yeditepe University Hospitals Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist noted, “The reason why these operations are demanded in the summer months is to make the body look better and fitter when wearing swimsuits and bikinis. In addition, women with large breasts demand reduction before the summer not only for aesthetic reasons but also because the increased temperatures in summer cause diaper rash and fungus. Liposuction can be applied from the ankle to the neck and even to the jowl area.”

Increased Interest in Aesthetic Operations

While many people hesitate to go to the hospital for routine checkups, let alone surgery, if you think that aesthetic surgery can be avoided, you are wrong. Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist stated that they saw that the interest in aesthetic operations in Turkish patients did not decrease during the pandemic process, but on the contrary, increased, and added: “This may be due to staying at home for a long time, especially inactivity. During this period, weight may increase as less exercise is done and more food is eaten. Since the bans were lifted last summer, we performed more operations compared to the previous period. I can say that we are doing about 20-25 percent more operations during the pandemic period than in the past.”

Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist gives the following information about the most preferred aesthetic operations:

Breast Aesthetics

As we approach the summer, there is a demand for breast enlargement. At the end of adolescence, around the age of 16-18, the breast takes its final shape. The volume or shape of the breast can also change after pregnancy, excessive weight gain or loss. Informing, “Breast prosthesis has two features: First, it makes the breast upright, and secondly, it enables the breast to enlarge,” Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist added: “Although breast prostheses always cause enlargement in the breast when placed, the prosthesis does not cause a lift in every patient. In selected patients, enlargement and lifting can be performed together. In the breast lift procedure, the nipple should normally be higher than the groove under the breast. If it is in line with the groove or it has gone down, it means that sagging has started or occurred in the breast. In the breast lift procedure, if desired, we can provide a lift by reducing the volume of the breast, as well as getting the breast together without changing the volume of the breast.”
Breast reduction is performed in very large and sagging breasts to reduce the volume and weight of the large breasts. Especially in summer, with increased sweating, rashes or fungi may occur under and between the breasts. When the breasts of the patients are big, they can cause pain in the neck and waist. Emphasizing that patients want to have surgery before the summer season, especially in the spring, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist said, “The healing process of these three surgeries takes about 10 days. The patient begins to return to normal life within 10 days. She can return to daily life in three weeks and can do all sports activities within six weeks.”


Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist states that rhinoplasty can be done officially after the age of 18, but it is more appropriate to do it after the age of 20. With this surgery, it is aimed to obtain a nose shape that is compatible with the person's face. Saying that the most important thing is the natural appearance rather than perfection, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bingöl stated, “When it is very perfect, the image can look artificial on people's faces. It is of great importance to provide a beautiful appearance that is not obvious as an aesthetic surgery and to ensure that it is not noticed by others that the patient has undergone a nose operation.”

  • When Can Nose Surgery Be Performed?

Stitches and splints are removed on the 7-10th day after rhinoplasty. The patient should not wear glasses for about eight weeks. Stating, “If you want to wear sunglasses in the summer, it is important to know that you should not wear sunglasses for eight weeks after you have this surgery,” Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist adds: “In this surgery, the patient can return to his/her normal daily work after 10 days. You must not get an impact on your nose during this period, as the bone fuses in an average of 6-8 weeks. If there is no problem, after 6-8 weeks, the nasal bone fuses and acquires its preoperative state. After this period, the nose becomes more resistant to impacts. Rhinoplasty can also be performed in the summer, but as we have just discussed, there may be problems as sunglasses cannot be worn. Apart from that, there is no difference between having rhinoplasty in winter or summer.”

Tummy Tuck Operations (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy tuck operations are divided into two: mini and full tummy tuck operations. In a mini tummy tuck, no operation is done from the belly button. It is aimed to reduce the skin sagging, especially between the genital area and the navel, by making an incision in the size of the cesarean section scar or slightly larger. In a full tummy tuck, an incision is made between the two sides of the pelvis, approximately in line with the cesarean section scar, and this scar is not visible from the outside. Excess skin in the area is removed. A new hole is made, and the belly button is removed from here. If necessary, the abdominal muscles, which are separated from each other during pregnancy, are stitched together again and a corset is made to tighten the abdomen from the inside. The operation can almost always be combined with liposuction. What is important here, too, is that all stretch marks between the navel and the genital area are eliminated by this surgery… However, the stretch marks on the belly area do not go away after a full tummy tuck.

  • What Should Be Considered After Abdominoplasty?

These surgeries are especially ideal for women who do not plan a child in the early period, have looseness between the navel and genital area, or have excessive stretch marks. Healing takes 10-14 days. In the third week following the surgery, all housework can be started, and six weeks later, all sports activities can be started. There is no problem with having it before or after the summer. However, it is important to remember that after such an operation, one should not go to the sea or a pool for four weeks. 


Liposuction is the process of absorbing fat by entering through small holes in order to remove the fat tissue from the body. Liposuction is divided into different types based on the devices used during the operation, including laser, ultrasound, power-assisted or classical types. Basically, it involves the breakdown and absorption of fat by giving energy. In lipolysis, the fat is not absorbed, it is left in the body. Which of these liposuction systems to use may depend on the preference of the physician and the patient. Although the fat is broken down in lipolysis processes, it is left in place and is not absorbed. Although lipolysis does not cause problems in areas with relatively low fat, it should be used with caution in areas with larger amounts of fat.

  • Considerations After Liposuction

In liposuction, 2-, 3- or 4-mm cannulas are used. The amount of fat absorbed in each application must not exceed 4-6 liters. Yeditepe University Hospitals Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist also explains that this application is not a weight loss method: “It is especially suitable for patients who have fat in certain parts of the body. After this surgery, it is necessary to wear a corset for two weeks, day and night, and the last week depending on the region, but only while standing, that is, for a total of three weeks. The patient is allowed to walk from the day of surgery. However, it is not recommended to do sports activities that will increase blood pressure or bleeding. Light walking is allowed. Certain restrictions must be followed according to the patient's surgical site. For example, if liposuction is applied to the calf, it is desirable to place an elevation, especially under this area after the operation. If it is applied to the jowl area, it is recommended to use two pillows while lying down. The patient can return to all his/her daily work within three weeks. At the end of six weeks, he/she can start doing sports.”


21 February 2023