Returning to Exercising After Aesthetic Operation

You had plastic surgery. You are happy with the results. Now, there is another question that concerns you as much as returning to daily life: When can you return to exercising? We asked the specialist when it is time to return to sportive activities such as yoga, Pilates, walking, and running…
A sedentary life is unthinkable... However, sometimes it may be necessary to take a short break. To give an example of things that will require you to take a break from exercise, we can say aesthetic operations. Especially upper eyelid surgery, which has become popular lately... We asked Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist, when it is time to return to sports after an aesthetic operation, which is very important for active women. Prof. Dr. Bingöl also explained what to do in case of a possible complication during exercise.

  • What Are the Most Performed Aesthetic Surgeries in Women?

  • Rhinoplasty (aesthetic nose surgery)
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Breast enlargement
  • Upper eyelid aesthetics
  • How Long Does It Take to Return to Normal Life After Aesthetic Nose Surgery?

If airway surgery is to be performed together with aesthetic nose surgeries, it takes longer than those who only have aesthetic nose surgeries due to nasal congestion and intense edema. This period ranges from three days to three weeks. If bruises occur around the eyes, these also pass between 3 days and 14 days. Stitches can be removed on the fifth or seventh day, and if there is a splint, it can be done on the 7th-10th day. In general, it is possible to return to daily life from the fourth day and to return to work from the 7th-10th day.

  • Are There Any Prohibitions Regarding Exercise for Those Who Undergo Aesthetic Nose Surgery?

After the surgery, it is not recommended to do sports for the first six weeks. Especially when performed together with airway surgery, nosebleeds can be observed during activities that increase blood pressure, and it usually takes four to eight weeks for the bones to fuse. During this period, it is necessary to be carefully protected from traumas, including wearing glasses. Simple activities such as walking can be done from the 72nd hour after the operation. It is important not to get an impact on the nose during activities such as yoga and Pilates. For this reason, these activities can be started after 7-10 days.

  • Liposuction Is Also Among the Most Frequently Performed Procedures. When Can I Return to Exercise After Liposuction?

Returning to sports after liposuction is related to which part of the patient undergoes the operation. After the operations on the arms, breasts, and abdomen, it is possible to start sports earlier. After the operations on the hips, thighs, and legs, more intense edema occurs in these regions due to the effect of gravity. This edema also affects the functioning of the muscles. Heavy sports should not be done with the area subject to the operation in the first week. After the third week, simple exercises can be done at a level that does not cause any distress to the patient. The use of corsets is very important, especially in the first three weeks. Thanks to muscle movements, the elimination of the edema becomes easier.

  • When Can the Person Who Has Had Plastic Surgery Go on a Long Journey or Vacation?

It is a good idea to have at least four to six weeks between your surgeries and your vacation. Complications may occur after the surgery and its treatment may take time. From the third day after the surgery, patients can take a shower by asking their physician, but if a drain is placed, it is necessary to wait for the drains to be removed in order for these areas to get wet. It is not a good idea to stay still for a long time, especially after a tummy tuck and liposuction. You can take a break every two hours and take a small walk. It is not recommended for patients who have undergone nose surgery to travel by plane for at least two weeks, and this issue should definitely be asked of the physician who has performed the procedure. It may be necessary to wait three weeks after the operation to enter the pool or the sea. There is no obstacle for patients who have not undergone airway surgery to travel by plane, but it is good for you to get up and walk in the corridor on long journeys. If a corset is used, this may cause some problems during the journey, these corsets should be loosened or removed by asking your physician.

  • Are There Any Conditions That Need to be Considered for Sports and Vacation After Eyelid Aesthetics is Performed?

Stitches are usually removed after five to seven days after eyelid surgery. However, since at least six weeks must pass for the skin to withstand mild trauma, the lids should be protected from trauma. Stitches should be removed as sensitively as possible by the surgeon. Using sunglasses and artificial tears will make you very comfortable, especially in summer. Make-up use should be restricted to three weeks.

  • How to Realize Complications While Doing Sports After Aesthetics?

When you think that there is a problem in the postoperative period, stop the sport or activity you are doing immediately. Lift the affected area into the air. Check the sutures for bleeding or leaks. Check for any swelling, asymmetry, or thinning. Particular attention should be paid to asymmetry in double organs such as breasts. If there is bleeding, swelling, and discoloration occurs. In such a case, immediately stop the activity, secure the problem area, call your physician, and follow his/her instructions. 

  • When to Return to Sports After Breast Enlargement and Reduction Surgery? Which Types of Sports Should Be Avoided?

Breast enlargement is done with a very small incision, while breast reduction is done with a much longer incision. The recovery and rest periods of these two surgeries are different from each other. Especially if breast enlargement is performed by placing a prosthesis under the muscle, the return to sports may take a little longer. In both surgeries, four to six weeks should be waited for returning to sports. This issue should definitely be discussed with the surgeon because although the names of the surgeries are the same, the techniques vary from surgeon to surgeon. After both surgeries, patients are given a medical bra. There are many adjustment options for them. When the patient's edema decreases day by day, instead of buying a new bra, these adjustments can be made to adjust the tightness of the breast and chest wall. After the operation, free movement of the breasts in the bra should be prevented as this can cause pain, fluid buildup, or bleeding. The bra should be tight enough to press the breasts to the chest wall without hurting the patient. After these surgeries, sports that use the arms and chest muscles should be avoided for four to six weeks. However, with the appropriate bra, you can start walking immediately, and brisk walking from the third week by consulting your physician. Especially in case of sudden braking while driving, sudden tension of the seat belts can damage the breast and the prosthesis, if any. In the same way, the deployment of the airbag poses a danger. If possible, it may be a good idea to leave the hospital in the back seat and travel in the back seat for a while.


21 February 2023