Cardiovascular Surgery

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

Yeditepe University Hospital, which has a trained specialist surgery staff and advanced technological facilities, serves with 15 service beds, 3 normal intensive care beds, 1 sterile intensive care room, and 1 equipped operating room with laminar flow.
Services provided in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery;

  • Coronary Bypass Surgeries

- Coronary bypass surgery

- Coronary bypass surgery in beating heart

  • Repair or replacement of heart valves by prosthesis,

- Aortic valve replacement or repair

- Mitral valve replacement or repair

- Tricuspid valve replacement or repair

  • Repair of Pediatric and Adult Age Congenital Heart Defects,

 - ASD-VSD-PDA-A.Coarctation-Ebstein's anomaly

- Tetralogy of Fallot - TGA

  • Vascular Diseases Surgeries,

- Aortic Aneurysm Surgery (ascending-arch descending/combined)

- Aortic Dissection surgery (Acute - Chronic)

- Peripheral Vascular Surgery

  • Cardiac Transplantation,
  • Artificial Heart Pumps,
  • Surgery for Heart Failure (Anti-remodeling surgeries),
  • Pericardiectomy,
  • Heart Tumor Surgery,
  • Reoperative (Second-Third) Cardiovascular Surgery.