Due to His Weight, He Could Not Take Care of His Children; He Lost 57 Kilograms and Regained His Health

Uğur Ateş, a 38-year-old father of 2 children living in Istanbul, could not take care of his family due to his weight, and could not do any work alone. The young man weighing up to 146 kilograms, started to complain of heart pain, diabetes, and fatty liver, lost 54 kilograms after the sleeve gastrectomy, and then weighed 92 kilograms. Uğur Ateş said, “Now I can spare time for my children and have fun with them in the park. The doctor said that both my external appearance and my internal organs have become 10 years younger.”

Uğur Ateş, who lives in Istanbul, has had a weight problem since an early age. As his age progressed, the young man, who had some health problems due to his excess weight, found the solution by undergoing sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Uğur Ateş, who had shortness of breath, heart pain, diabetes, and fatty liver, stated, “People were making fun of me, I dieted many times, but soon regained the weight I lost. Then I started researching sleeve gastrectomy surgery.” With the operation performed by Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital General Surgery Specialist 8 months ago, Uğur Ateş lost 57 kilograms and fell from 146 to 89 kilograms. The young man, whose health problems decreased day by day, talked about the difference he experienced between two lives.

“They Say I Look 8 Years Younger and I Feel Better”

He made the following statements: “One day my manager told me, ‘Uğur, you need to lose weight now.’ Because I was having serious problems while working. I was consuming a lot of junk food. I was eating fast food. I was eating everywhere I saw it. I had trouble walking and even bending over. I couldn't do many things alone. I couldn't play with my children, have fun in the park, or take them to school. This made me very sad. My children began to say to me, ‘Dad, why are you so overweight?’ As I lost weight, life started to get better. I can spend more time with my children, we can have fun in the park. Losing my excess weight has returned to health and movement. I feel more positive now. I had surgery and now I can walk 6 kilometers. Everyone around me says I'm getting younger.”

“My Stomach Tells Me Where To Stop”

Explaining that he also arranged his nutrition plan, Ateş stated, “I started to eat quality food. I eat more protein, I prefer tuna and turkey meat, and I do not eat bread. Now when I overeat, my stomach tells me where to stop. As a result of all this, my blood values also improved. My doctor said that both my external appearance and my internal organs have become 10 years younger.”

Uğur Ateş

“Obesity Surgery Is Not An Aesthetic Surgery”

Underlining that obesity surgery is not an aesthetic surgery, Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital General Surgery Specialist made the following statements: “Obesity surgery is not a surgery based on visuality. After the operation, there is a very serious change in the image of people. The operation we perform is about people's internal organs. For this reason, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is not an aesthetic surgery. Therefore, sleeve gastrectomy surgery should be performed in people with a high body mass index. Obesity surgery gives very beneficial results in patients with a body mass index above 40 and those associated with diabetes, blood pressure, and weight. Our patient Uğur Ateş applied to us in January with a weight of 146 kg. He tried many times to lose weight but became unsuccessful. His body mass index was quite high. Other diseases began to appear due to his excessive weight.”

“People Who Socialize After Surgery Lose More Weight”

Stating that there are some points to be considered in order not to gain weight after the surgery, our specialist said, “You definitely lose weight after the surgery. More successful results are achieved if people who undergo surgery socialize, and establish a bond with people who lose weight, their doctors, and dieticians. People who close themselves around lose less weight. This situation has also been demonstrated by scientific studies. Exercising every day and keeping the food list will also help in losing weight.”

“The Weight Loss Rate of Each Patient After the Surgery Varies”

Stating that "Being in constant contact with the patient helps the patient lose weight more easily," our specialist concluded his words as follows: “Our patient was sending me a list of what he/she ate weekly. Being in constant contact with the patient will help the patient lose weight more easily. Patients sometimes compete with each other. This is wrong behavior. The weight that each patient can lose varies. A two-hundred-kilogram person can lose a hundred kilograms. But a hundred-kilogram person will lose less weight. Each patient's weight loss rates will vary after surgery. The important thing here is to pay attention to sports and food. In the long run, you won't gain weight when you completely change your lifestyle. You must control the feeling of hunger in the mind. If you can't control your brain, you will continue to gain weight.”


20 March 2023

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