They Set Out Together For Their Dreams

Ayça Kazan and Nurdan Şentürk, two close friends around 45 years old living in Istanbul, had obesity surgery two days apart and became each other's companions.

The most common obesity disorder in the world and Turkey can be treated with modern medical methods. While obesity causes many health problems on its own, it also creates an environment for other co-morbidities. Nurdan Şentürk, aged 45, and Ayça Kazan, two close friends working as bankers in Istanbul, regained their health after successive obesity surgeries performed by Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital General Surgery Specialist. The friends, who lost 25 kilograms in 100 days after their surgery, stayed in the same room in the hospital and became each other's companions.

“We Dreamed Together”

Expressing that it is difficult to eat only liquid foods right after the surgery, while they can eat whatever they want before the surgery, Ayça Kazan also emphasized that having the surgery with her friend Nurdan gave her strength and that they were able to endure all difficulties stronger together. Stating that they did a lot of research before the surgery and our General Surgery Specialist gave them detailed information about all the processes related to the surgery, Ms. Ayça said, “After being discharged, Nurdan and I called each other three or four times every day. We shared what we ate during the day with each other. We dreamed together for the coming days. We talked and made plans about what to wear when we were weak and where to go.” 

“This is My Second Chance at Life”

Nurdan Şentürk, who said that she met her physician through her cousin, added that she learned that two of her family members had obesity surgery, again performed by our general surgeon. Stating that both she and her friend Ayça had fears and hesitations before the surgery, but after long conversations with their physician, they were convinced and handed themselves over to her safe hands, Ms. Nurdan continued her words as follows: “We did not experience any of the problems described. Insulin resistance, fatty liver, type-2 diabetes, and joint problems caused by obesity also disappeared. I was having sleep problems. Years later, I began to sleep without interruption. I was having trouble doing things that required effort, and I was out of breath. After the surgery, none of these problems remained. So to speak, I came into the world for the second time, and I started a new life. I strongly recommend all people with obesity problems to have surgery by consulting a competent physician.”

“Surgery Is Not the Only Solution, Psychological Support Is Also Important”

Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital General Surgery Specialist, who performed the obesity surgeries of Ms. Nurdan and Ms. Ayça, pointed out that obesity is not only a condition that requires surgery, but also has a psychological aspect, and stated that a serious psychological motivation is also required after obesity surgery. Stating, “After the surgery, weight is lost rapidly, but mental changes are required in order for this to be permanent so that the pre-operative weight is not regained”, our specialist states that most physicians give support to bring these changes into practice and continues as follows: “It is also important to get support from family, friends and work environment, as well as the physician, in order to change the eating and drinking habits and daily behaviors after the surgery and to keep up with the new lifestyle. Ms. Ayça and Ms. Nurdan set out together to achieve the weight and life they dreamed of. They both gave strength to each other by deciding to have the surgery together, and I believe that they will be successful in the long term with the support and motivation they give each other after the surgery.”


23 February 2023

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