Breast Aesthetics

From the past to the present, women have been known to place importance on aesthetics. Breast aesthetics, which is one of the aesthetic elements, is important in terms of health as well as appearance. Women who have more plump and upright breasts or who complain about their size or are bothered by breast sagging benefit from breast aesthetic surgery.

The fact that the breasts are smaller, larger, or sagging than desired due to structural or developmental factors can also cause psychological issues that reduce the quality of life of the person.

It is not possible to prevent the sagging of the breasts as a result of the deterioration of the breast tissue due to aging. Periodic hormonal changes, genetic factors, weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding cause the breast tissue to lose its form and cause excessive growth or sagging of the breasts.

Shape changes in the breasts can cause health problems as well as aesthetic problems. Problems such as posture disorder, humpback, pain that can go up to hernia in the neck and waist, numbness due to compression of the hand and arm nerves in the shoulder region, loss of strength, and weight gain due to a decreased desire to do sports can be observed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Breast Implants (Silicone) Safe?

The first breast prosthesis was used in the 1960s. They have been in use for more than 50 years, and during that time their technology has constantly improved and advanced. Today, FDA-approved prostheses are available. Latest-generation prostheses are more durable and safer. In fact, most brands give a warranty of up to 10 years for their products.
Why Does the Body Form a Capsule Around the Implant? As a natural reaction to any foreign object placed inside the body, scar tissue will also form around the breast implant, forming a capsule.

  • Do Breast Implants Affect Mammography?

The presence of an implant does not preclude mammography imaging. However, it is necessary to tell the mammography technician that you have implants before taking a mammogram. However, before having an implant, you should definitely inform your physician if you have a family history of breast cancer.

  • Do Breast Implants Have a Certain Lifespan?

There is no rule for replacing or removing breast implants after a certain time. It is known that the average life of the previous generations of prostheses used today is about 10-15 years. It is not possible to state the average lifespan of the last-generation prostheses currently used. However, it is predicted that it will be longer than the previous generation.

  • How Long After the Surgery Is It Possible to Board a Plane or Scuba Dive?

There are no air bubbles in the silicone breast implant, so they are not affected by barometric changes. Of course, while diving, there will be pressure on the prosthesis, but the prosthesis is resistant to this pressure.

  • When To Start Exercising and Doing Other Tiring Activities After Implant Surgery?

Recovery periods vary depending on the person. In general, the first few days can be somewhat difficult. After an average of four to six weeks, normal life is resumed. In more intense sports activities, it is necessary to consult a physician for the correct timing. Recovery times of patients vary widely. Therefore, it is appropriate for the physician to give the correct information about when to start the activities, according to the patient.

  • When to Wear an Underwire Bra?

Your body will form scar tissue around the implant for three months. During this time, pressure from the underwire of the bra can permanently indent the scar tissue. Therefore, especially after the initial recovery period, underwire bras should be worn intermittently to prevent permanent indentation.

  • Does Smoking Affect the Healing Process?

Smoking causes the narrowing of the blood vessels, reducing the blood flow and the amount of oxygen carried to the operated area. Healing tissues need good blood circulation and elevated levels of oxygen. Smoking slows down the healing process.

  • Does Nipple Lose Its Sensation?

After breast implant surgery, there may be a slight numbness in the nipples, albeit infrequently, for a temporary period of time. This may be due to the edema caused by the surgery and the pressure of the prosthesis. This complaint goes away with time. Placing the prosthesis from the lower fold of the breast instead of the nipple minimizes this possibility.

  • Is It Necessary to Be at Ideal Weight Before Having Implant Surgery?

It is important to be close to the ideal weight before the surgery. Because significant weight loss after the breast implants are inserted may change the outcome of the surgery in a way that is not satisfactory for you. Ptosis (sagging) and size reduction may occur. Besides, a significant increase in weight can lead to enlargement of the breasts.

  • How Much Reduction Is Possible in Breast Reduction Surgery?

In breast reduction surgery, the whole body of the patient should be evaluated. The width of the shoulders, the bone structure of the rib cage, the structure of the ribs, and the width of the waist and hips will help to create the feminine contour with the shape to be given to the breast. The wishes of the patients in breast reduction surgeries should be realistic and reveal the aesthetic image as a whole. The phrase “get me out of this breast, make it small”, which patients usually want, is not guiding. 
The surgery aims to obtain a breast that has volume symmetry and will fit all body contours of the patient, as well as the wishes of the person.

  • Can Breast Lift Be Performed Without Leaving Scars?

It is not possible to perform breast lift surgery without leaving a scar. As in any aesthetic surgery, some scars will remain. Because in breast lift surgery, the application is made by taking the nipple and the colored area around it higher than the normal place. In breast lift surgery, surgical scars are formed because both the excess skin will be removed and the nipple will be displaced. The most important points in the application are the scars being in accordance with the normal body lines, the use of traumatic techniques during the surgery, and the use of appropriate materials and tools in instrumentation. In addition, several methods are used to ensure that the scars become less obvious after the surgery as they mature. The important thing here is to make the scars as minimal as possible in the future.

  • Is Breastfeeding Allowed After the Implant?

Many women with breast implants have successfully breastfed their babies. Existing studies show that women with gel or saline breast implants do not have higher levels of silicone in their milk than women without breast implants.

  • Who Can Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

Those who experience back and neck pain, those with enlarged and heavy breasts, and sagging nipples, and those with volume differences between the two breasts can have breast reduction surgery.




21 February 2023