Breast Enlargement

Having breasts that are smaller than normal can cause problems such as loss of self-confidence for many women, apart from aesthetic dissatisfaction. As a solution to this situation, breast enlargement surgery using silicone prostheses has been safely applied for a long time all over the world. Breast enlargement surgery with silicone can be used to increase the small breast volume as well as to remove slight sagging in the breasts.
After breast enlargement surgery, women can get pregnant if they want. Since the breast prostheses used do not change the amount and content of breast milk, babies can be breastfed easily.
The modern prostheses used do not affect the evaluation of the results of the examinations such as mammography, ultrasound, and MRI to be used for breast cancer screening in the postoperative period.

Breast Prostheses

With the developing technology, modern and safe breast prostheses (implants) can be used today. They are basically made of silicone. The outer parts, called the shell, have a rough structure in order to adapt to the surrounding tissue and reduce the development of capsule contraction. Breast prostheses are produced in the form of "round" and "drop". The shape, size, and hardness of the breast prosthesis to be used in enlargement are selected by the specialist physician by considering criteria such as the existing breast size, shape, shoulder width, and body structure, taking into account the wishes and requests of the person. 

How is Breast Enlargement Surgery Performed?

Different entry points are used on the skin to place the implant. Examples of these are the inframammary fold line, the nipple circumference, and the armpit line. Each application site has some advantages and disadvantages. The choice of breast structure is decided together with the physician according to the plan where the prosthesis will be placed.
Today, the inframammary fold is used as the most preferred application site. Another important issue is in which tissue layer the implant will be placed. The prosthesis can be applied under the breast tissue, under the muscle, or the muscle membrane. In the dual plan, the upper part of the prosthesis remains under the muscle and the lower part remains under the breast tissue. In the selection of the tissue layer where the prosthesis will be placed, it is aimed to hide the implant well by preventing it from being noticed from the outside. In the selection of the tissue layer where the prosthesis will be placed, it is necessary to pay attention to points such as the thickness of the skin in the breast area, the volume of the breast before the operation, and the muscle structure. Breast enlargement operation is performed under general anesthesia, and it is possible to be discharged the next morning.

When to Return to Daily Life After Breast Enlargement Surgery?

After breast enlargement surgery, the patients can return to their daily lives within 5-7 days and can easily work at desk jobs. Since the skin incisions used are closed with aesthetic techniques, there is no need to remove stitches. These scars heal imperceptibly in the following period and do not leave any obvious scars. 


21 February 2023