Plastic Surgery Does Not Just Serve Aesthetics

Plastic surgeons, to whom hundreds of women and men, famous and infamous, consult for beauty, are not only involved in aesthetics but also create miracles in the lives of many patients with arm, leg, and full-face transplants performed in many university hospitals in recent years.

A Person's Life Becomes Easier with Treatment

Emphasizing that the main name of the branch, which is known only as plastic surgery among the public, is "plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery", Yeditepe University Hospitals Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist says that they make the person's life easier in terms of functional, aesthetic, and spiritual aspects, by correcting congenital or emerging problems.

Stating that aesthetic surgery is a sub-branch within plastic surgery, Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist continues to state that aesthetic surgery deals with surgeries and interventions to make the body image more beautiful and perfect.

“Reconstruction and Repair Surgery.”

As the name suggests, Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery interventions are basically grouped under two headings: "Plastic-reconstruction" and "aesthetics-cosmetics". Plastic-reconstructive surgery is also called “reconstruction and repair surgery.”
Aesthetics-Cosmetics, on the other hand, includes surgical or non-surgical interventions aimed at making the existing body appearance more beautiful and closer to perfection within aesthetic dimensions. Contrary to reconstructive surgical interventions, these interventions are applied to those outside the patient group with medical conditions such as severe loss of function or visual impairment.
Aesthetic nose surgery/rhinoplasty, aesthetic breast surgery lift, reduction or enlargement, aesthetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), prominent ear correction, and facial rejuvenation attempts (facelift, forehead lift, eyebrow lift, neck lift) can be given as examples of commonly applied surgical aesthetic interventions. Botox and filling applications are non-surgical Aesthetic-Cosmetic procedures commonly performed by the branch.

Reconstruction Surgery Covers More Than Aesthetics!

Contrary to what is known or believed, the "reconstruction" part of the branch covers a much wider range of surgeries than the part of aesthetic and cosmetic interventions. However, publications related to aesthetic surgery both in social media and in the written and visual media affect the public perception of the content of the branch. The branch is perceived as only performing applications related to "aesthetic surgery". In addition, patient demand for aesthetic surgery, and as a result, the number of aesthetic surgery interventions is increasing significantly.

Has Wide Coverage

Plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery treats a wide spectrum of diseases. Skin cancers, burns, congenital abnormalities, treatment of facial-hand shape and function losses, and all aesthetic and cosmetic interventions cover the area of responsibility of this branch. In summary, many diseases and conditions that occur in the human body, from the hair on the head to nails on the feet, fall under the treatment scope of plastic surgery.


21 February 2023