What is Profile Aesthetics?

Yeditepe University Hospital Plastic Aesthetic Surgery Specialist said, “Nose aesthetics will be incomplete without evaluating or harmonizing the quintuple structure consisting of the nose, forehead, lips, chin tip, and chops. For this reason, people who have had rhinoplasty but are not happy have either a profile problem or a face compatibility problem.”

  • What does profile aesthetics mean?

The importance of balance and harmony, not the beauty of a single structure, is more important in facial aesthetics. This concept, which has been better understood in recent years, has also affected nose aesthetics in particular. The trend of evaluating the nose with its surroundings, where nose aesthetics alone is a narrow perspective, looks like it will be quite popular in 2010. This situation gains a different meaning, especially in profile aesthetics. Nose aesthetics will be incomplete without evaluating or harmonizing the quintuple structure consisting of the nose, forehead, lips, chin, and under the chin. The nose and these structures not only create a harmonious silhouette in profile. They should be in proportional harmony with each other. For example, if the height of the nose tip is the same as the distance above the lip, the most ideal ratio will be achieved.
Instead of the ugliness of the nose, the words "facial harmony problem" or "harmony disorder" began to be preferred more. Profile aesthetics is one of the aesthetic methods in which this concept is used.

  • What kind of path do you follow for profile aesthetics?

Profile analysis is first performed on the person applying for rhinoplasty. The forehead arch, forehead-nose junction, nose, nose-lip distance, the volume and shape of the lips, the location of the lower jaw tip, the condition of the angle under the chin, and the fat tissue in this area are examined. In computer analysis, these structures that make up the profile are corrected and shown to the person. Sometimes, a profile sculpture of the person is made and a chance to evaluate the problem in three dimensions is given.

  • If several areas affect the profile, do you fix them all at once?

It is possible to intervene in all of them at the same time in a person who has problems in all structures that make up the profile. Forehead depressions are eliminated with filling, rhinoplasty is performed, lip volume and shape are reconstructed with cell injection, and an implant or filler is placed on the chin tip. If there is fat tissue under the chin, it can be melted by a laser, or a chin-neck angle is formed with mini liposuction. The result comes out as a highly harmonious profile silhouette. In cases where there is a closure problem between the teeth, first of all, treatment related to the jaw skeleton is required. The shape of the nose changes, especially in interventions for the upper jaw skeleton. It may be necessary to wait up to 1 year in order to evaluate the nose better.
If rhinoplasty is performed on a person who is weak, small, and has a backward chin, it will be obvious that the person has undergone surgery even if the nose is beautiful. Trying to fit the nose to the small and backward chin does not give natural results. In a person to whom profile aesthetics is applied, the interventions to be made to the nose are also simplified. Sometimes, with small touches, the nose is fit to the harmonious profile. Most of the people who have had rhinoplasty but are still unhappy have profile problems or facial compatibility problems. 


20 February 2023