Waist, Hip and Leg Aesthetics

Yeditepe University Hospital Plastic Aesthetic Surgery Specialist said, “Hip aesthetics alone does not give results for the harmony of the body. When the waist, hips, and legs harmonize with each other, an ideal appearance emerges.”

  • Recently, interest in waist, leg, and hip aesthetics has increased even more. What do you attribute this to?

Plump, round, and upright hips that fill the outfits are one of the things that all women desire to have the most... Plump and round hips like Beyonce's representing the Latin body type are gaining popularity among today's women.
In the last 10 years, the number of women who have had this aesthetic surgery to achieve this type of hips has increased significantly. Many women (celebrities, workers, or housewives) now resort to plastic aesthetic surgery to get rid of flat, thin, low, and square hips. Thanks to advancing technology and plastic aesthetic surgery techniques, this situation is developing in favor of women, but not only women, but also men with small and thin hips today want the same surgery for more shaped hips.  
Housewives, as well as working women, are more meticulous about the appearance of skirts and trousers, and the harmony of the legs with the body. Beyonce's hips are particularly exemplary. In other words, women now want upright and plump hips, not wide hips like JL.

  • What kind of procedure do you apply to people who want to have this type of aesthetic surgery?

We look at the waist, leg, and hip measurements and proportions of the person who applies for hip aesthetics. As a result of these, we determine a measurement according to that person. Some may have long legs and some may have short legs. We aim to create the waist and the lower part most accurately and aesthetically by making contour aesthetics for people who usually come for hips.

  • How are contour aesthetic operations performed?

We can perform all of them in a single operation when we are performing contour aesthetics on a person. We use different techniques according to the situation of the person and according to the region. In particular, techniques such as liposuction and laser lipolysis for slim waist formation, contouring within an aesthetic norm for hip reduction, and removal of excess fat for slimming the waist are applied to successfully create the trio of a slim waist, upright butt, and shapely legs that women want most. At the same time, we can inject the excess fat taken from the waist of the person and inject it into the hips through a certain process, so we can actually do both operations at the same time much more easily.

  • How long should be a hospital stay?

These operations take a few hours and it is sufficient for the person to stay in the hospital for 1 day.

  • What kind of period should people spend after returning home?

The recovery period of this operation varies between 5-7 days. During this period, the person does not need to lie down at home, it is sufficient to just rest at home without tiring himself/herself. The person can return to work after a week. It may take a few weeks for the swelling related to the operation to disappear.


20 February 2023